PROJECT: Molly on the Range

CLIENT : Rodale
ASSIGNMENT : illustration and lettering for Molly Yeh's cookbook "Molly on the Range"

I worked closely with Molly (My Name Is Yeh) and Rae Ann Spitzenberger at Rodale to create the story of her rise to food-blog-dom in her new cookbook Molly on the Range.  The cookbook is beautiful, simple, but really fun, just like Molly, full of stories of how she came to live on a Sugarbeet farm in Rural Minnesota, to eating and drumming her way through New York, and beautiful photographs of so many mouthwatering recipes. A few of Molly's favorite things in this book include: "a pattern for making your own schnitzel halloween costume (drawn by the rockstar illustrator lisel jane ashlock), a sub chapter on macaroni and cheese including a macaroni and cheese flow chart, a dumpling party and a tractor top pizza party (captured by fargo's finest chantell ziegler) and recipes for brunch brisket, baloney lunchables, pimiento cheese babka, mozartkugeln, jerusalem bagel dogs, slider cakes, and a new and improved funfetti cake."

A bit about her quest to establish a feel for the book (including illustration!) in her own words: "So I did some noodling around on the internet and decided that a very empty cover with a few homespun illustrations of cooking-related objects and chickens could be nice, timeless, and informative. with my publisher, we narrowed down our list of illustrators and started doing mockups. i loved folk-y, earthy illustrations that didn't feel at all trendy or too flashy. i wanted something that would be ok getting a little roughed up by soy sauce splatters and mustard stains. i was very excited about this..." Read more about Molly's book, out in October 2016!

ORDER YOUR COPY HERE >> (or better yet, ask your local bookstore to order it for you)