PROJECT: Sing a Season Song

CLIENT : The Creative Company
ASSIGNMENT : 15 full spread illustrations for Jane Yolen's Sing a Season Song

It was truly an honor to be asked by Rita Marshall at the Creative Company to do illustrations for the acclaimed children's book author Jane Yolen (two-time Caldecott winner for Owl Moon, The Emperor and the Kite). Her new book, Sing a Season Song, which received a Starred Review from Publishers Weekly, is an evocative and sweet poem about the delicate change of seasons. Instead of focusing on the human element, I decided to pull the humans far into the background to take a look at what is happening in the natural world as we go about our business in our human world. "The shivering cold of winter. The fresh, new signs of spring. The toe-wiggling freedom of summer. The leaf-dropping days of fall. Each season is celebrated for many different reasons, but one never fails to roll right into the next. Jane Yolen's lilting verses and Lisel Jane Ashlock's sensitive portraits convey the cyclical nature of the seasons in this poetic tribute to the characteristics of the four periods of the year.

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