Nativen "Keep Growing" Bandana


I've been really eager to try some new ways of working that DON'T involve birch and acrylic and to simplify with just paper and pen. I got that chance when my talented friend Lily Hetzler of Nativen approached me to do a really fun collaboration- a pattern design for her Limited Edition Bandana series to kick off her new beautiful apparel brand. The only direction was just 'pretty flowers', so I happily obliged. This is the result! 


These bandanas are designed and produced with the utmost artisan craftsmanship. Made of 100% American-grown / American-made / Organic Cotton. Hand-dyed with natural plant-based dyes, and screenprinted by hand with eco-inks. Featuring flowers, bees, beetles, and a little message to empower your day: "Keep Growing"!... Shop the new bandana at


Nativen made this video with my bandana in ACTION!