Project : VML Gewürztraminer Wine

Client : VML Winery
Art Direction : Cosimo Surace / Stranger & Stranger 
Assignment : Artwork for Wine Label 

I’ve pined and drooled over some of the great illustration that adorn so many wine labels lately, while scheming and dreaming of how to be included in the club. When Cosimo Surace from the amazing Stranger & Stranger creative agency contacted me to create artwork for VML winery's new Gewürztraminer wine, I probably let out a squeal. My dream job realized: to create a wine label for the Russian River Valley winery, depicting the wine maker as a botanical witch. Not only is the Russian River Valley my favorite part of my home state of California, but the assignment was to include all of the native plants and insects of that region. I immediately called my mother, a self-proclaimed California naturalist where she promptly rattled off a long list of native plants, weeds, flowers, butterflies and insects that reside there. A true honor! 

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